“Michelle has been my yoga instructor for my clients on Project X for over a year now. She teaches a beginner, an intermediate and a slow flow yin yoga session each week and the client base loves her. I’m sure it’s the big reason a few of my clients are still on Project X after all this time because they love her classes and how Michelle engages with them both when teaching and in the community when they have questions. I’m just about to launch a yoga and meditation club for both clients and non-clients and it would not be the same without Michelle on board. Nearly 2K people have signed up to be a part of this group to meditate with us and stretch with Michelle.

I can’t wait to continue to grow my business with Michelle by my side.”


“Michelle has an incredible calm yet powerful and positive energy about her. She’s makes yoga classes a moment to look forward to every week. She’s an incredible human being. Forever grateful to have met her”

Laura H

“Michelle is a brilliant teacher, always encouraging and challenging us. I have practiced Michelle’s classes for years now and I am amazed how I am still learning new things! Options are always available for all levels and no class is ever the same. You are guaranteed to leave class having worked hard and with a smile on your face.”


“I discovered Michelle’s online practice during the first lockdown in 2020 and I can easily say it has saved me!
Personally my yoga practice over the years has been on and off and my progress was slow even in studios before lockdown.
I was blown away at how I broke a sweat during my 1st class with her! It was so challenging and fun I was hooked!
Practicing with Michelle made me show up consistently on the mat. It’s amazing how she pushes and motivates everyone from the screen !, and over a year into online practice already I am so happy with how I progressed and looking forward to more!”

Laura L

“My yoga has improved so much thanks to Michelle’s amazing zoom classes, she’s given me the confidence to keep trying asanas that I have struggled with for years. Finally I can jump back from crow into chaturanga! I couldn’t recommend her classes enough”

Anna 2

“I can 100 percent say Michelle has changed my life, I’d tried yoga before but I wasn’t the greatest pupil. Michelle possesses a contagious passion for yoga. She makes it impossible not to be motivated, knows when to be tough, believes in you and makes you believe in yourself. She challenges us to be be better students, then better humans – and then ups the ante as needed.”


“Over the last 10 months with Michelle I have watched myself grow in my yoga practice like never before.
She has created a friendly and happy space to come to where I also am encouraged to explore my boundaries in yoga.”


“Mich’s class are a breath of fresh air. Creative sequences & transitions that are open for all to get stuck in and have a go. Mich brings her energy and personality to every class and it’s no wonder she has such a loyal following, as her classes are engaging and fun. Give it go, and after a couple of classes you’ll be hooked!”

Bella Tanks

“Mich is the most encouraging and positive teacher I have had and I have been practising for over 10 years with many teachers. Big fan.”


“Michelle’s yoga classes are incredible. They are challenging and fast-paced, but at the same time very playful and super fun. Michelle really looks at what her students are doing and corrects them when needed, encourages them, gives examples, and really makes the practice much more interesting. Sometimes – when you are faced with that impossible asana – Michelle says a magic word and, just like that, it becomes possible! Honestly, great exercise, great fun – just great overall. Highly recommended.”