Beginner Yoga

Practicing yoga can help with body awareness, flexibility, strength, mobility, and balance. It also requires you to shift into a more relaxed state, which can help decrease stress, increase focus, and promote a stronger connection with yourself.
In the beginners class you will build a strong foundation and gain confidence.  The pace is set so you can follow and learn the yoga poses and names .   The aim is to leave you feeling great with a positive impression of yoga and your ability which if you are consistent will progress over time



Meditation enables us to change our state from an emotional, thinking, and reactive being to an observer.  As we develop a regular practice,  we will learn how to access the space needed for a calm and peaceful way of life.

Vinyasa Flow

My vinyasa flow classes are dynamic and fun typically flowing through a strong sequence delving deep into the poses with variations offered to meet all individual needs.
Vinyasa yoga helps to strengthen and develop a more balanced body and mind.


All classes start with breathwork and end in meditation.

Friday 7.30am

Saturday 9am

Sunday 9.30AMhttp://WWW.LUNAWAVE.CO.UK


Yin Yoga

Deep breathing, meditation and yoga help to relax the mind and body, and yin Yoga incorporates all 3 perfectly .

Using props (like blankets, blocks and bolster pillows) to fully hold and support the body, postures are held for longer periods to breath and allow the body time to release otherwise inaccessible tension.

This, in turn, allows the mind to settle into a state of deep stillness, giving the body a chance to restore itself.

Yin Yoga lets your body receive all the physiological benefits of yoga postures, without the effort of using muscles to hold you there. This conscious relaxation gently leads your mind into a quiet space.

Suitable for all levels, the class aims to still the busy chitter chatter of the mind, open and stretch the body and calm the central nervous system.
The class is open to all. Please wear comfy clothes you can move around in easily .  Have pillows and blocks and maybe even a blanket for your deep relaxation at the end of class

You will leave class feeling as if you have breathed, released tension, calmed your mind and body

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