About Shalalife

Join the Shalalife online community, a place to share your yoga journey, celebrate your wins, be inspired, and feel part of a supportive community. We draw our strength from each other – all in the comfort of your own home!

An online practice gives you the freedom to practice yoga wherever you are in the world. Teaching online allows me to focus on each student, offering guidance and variations with classes tailored for your individual needs, incorporated in a group setting. We move, breath and flow together.

Class times are a mix of fixed weekly classes and adhoc class time requested by students to allow for practice times that suit their schedules.

The main focus is health and well-being, yoga, meditation and breath work is included in all online practices which range from 45min to 1hr.

We are home to a diverse mix of people who share the desire to improve their lifestyle, to be happy and fit mentally and physically. All you need to join is an open mind and a sense of humour, with everything else coming from a consistent practice. See you on the mat!


My Vision

``Creating by Connecting``
Connecting to self creating time and space to be curious about who you are. Building energy and strength of body and mind to live a life that brings you and those around you joy and peace.

Creating opportunities by connecting people and building a yoga community


My Values

You can do more than you believe.
With my guidance and consistent practice you will see for yourself.
Yoga is for everybody.
Any age, any physical shape, any emotional state.
You can be the person you’ve always wanted to be.
Yoga will give you the tools and confidence to live your authentic life.


My Mission

To spread the benefits of yoga to as many people as I can. Having experienced the benefits myself during a difficult period in my life I truly believe that yoga can enhance your life. Enabling you to become responsive and not reactive to the challenges of life.

6 Reasons to Practice Yoga with Me

No matter which type you choose, yoga is a great way to stretch and strengthen your body, focus your mind, and connect to your spirit.   Release tension and pain on the body so you can live an active, energetic life.  Peace of mind, pain free body so you can relax into a great nights sleep .


Connection not just between the mind and the body, but also with the community and the world around you. It’s about being in sync and connecting wholly and completely with yourself and your environment.


Not just the discipline required to get to the mat and move, but the discipline of mind and body required to focus on your practice when you do. Discipline is more than developing a routine, it’s about embracing the physical and mental challenges.


Providing you with the space for introspection to learn and grow. Meditation is an often overlooked, but an integral part of a successful practice.


Flexibility, in both body and mind, knowing that you will need to be able to adjust your expectations to progress in your practice. Flexibility is about more than being able to bend your body a certain way, it’s about being able to shift and adapt when necessary and still move forward.


Mindfulness to achieve a higher level of connection, awareness, or union, between the mind, body, and spirit.


Alignment recognises that everyone’s body is different. There is no “right way” to do a pose, there is only the right way for you to do what feels good in your own body. The key is to strive not for perfection, but for an alignment that works for you.